Timeless Beauty from WMF Professional - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo

Timeless Beauty from WMF Professional

WMF Sitello product launch

Product release: New “SITELLO” cutlery collection from WMF Professional with a hammered finish

WMF Professional is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. For more than 160 years, WMF has been dedicated to achieving the perfect balance of design, functionality and quality. Their employees are passionate about bringing people together, whether at home, on the move or at fine-dining establishments, in order to give them shared moments that are both precious and delicious. All this with products which have outstanding design, perfect functionality and excellent quality to make every culinary experience a real joy. WMF Professional as a brand of proHeq GmbH is one of the leading providers of professional equipment for hotels and the catering industry. The key strength of this long-established business unit professional hotel equipment is its innovative, painstakingly crafted and stylish all-in-one solutions covering every aspect of food and drink, from preparation to serving. The extensive product range includes cutlery and glassware, serving and buffet equipment and table decorations in every colour.

With the new SITELLO cutlery collection, WMF Professional is showcasing for the first time a design with a hammered finish. The delicately worked accents give each piece of cutlery its own characteristic, without disrupting the balanced lines of the traditional rounded handles. The gentle feathering of the contemporary finish establishes a connection between the spoon and the blade that is both harmonious and dynamic. Moreover, the user design experience is further enhanced through the additional tactile sensations delivered by the hammering structure on both sides. Thanks to its harmonious contrasts, the new collection extends the range of options available to hoteliers and restaurateurs through the addition of this extraordinary but exceptionally versatile model.

WMF Sitello product launch

The SITELLO Collection from WMF Professional is a further development of the traditional SIGNUM Line. With a total of 21 pieces, the new creation provides the ideal accompaniment for culinary experiences of every taste. The hammered finish emphasises the clear lines whereby the long tines, the protruding spoon bowls, and the large blades complement each other perfectly. Additionally, restaurateurs can choose between the highly polished, dishwasher-safe 18/10 stainless steel version and the silver-plated version, both of which guarantee a long working life thanks to the thickness of the materials used.

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