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The Best in Cruise Line Crew Uniform

Cruise line crew uniforms are an essential part of the hospitality experience. Used as part of the overall impression of a cruise lines brand image, uniform can make or break the well-polished façade. In the past, attention to detail, grace, and sophistication was key. Nowadays, the uniforms are more varied, dependent on the target clientele and desired brand image of the cruise line. As we’ll see below, there is a stark difference between the traditional suiting of the Cunard crew, and the punk-inspired, Gareth Pugh-designed uniform of the Virgin Voyages crew. Read on…

Cunard Bellboy Crew Uniform

Cunard is famous for traditional cruising – one of the oldest cruise lines still sailing, everything from the interior design to the formal dining nights hark back to the ‘golden age of cruising’. This proliferates into the uniforms, with staff wearing role-specific suiting. In the case of the bellboy, as below, staff are kitted in traditional hotel front of house garb in Cunard’s staple red and gold.

Cunard’s career pages put emphasis on being dressed impeccably in all roles. Depending on the job role, this could be in bellboy uniform as above, in a smart white suit and gloves as the waitress is below, or in shirtsleeves and a waistcoat for the bar staff.

The waitstaff uniform on Cunard Ships

Virgin Voyages team up with Gareth Pugh

For Virgin’s (now delayed) launch into the world of cruising with their inaugural ship Scarlet Lady, Sir Richard Branson and the creative collective working on the ship teamed up with Gareth Pugh for the design of the crew uniforms. Most famous for working with musicians such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera, the British fashion designer aimed to create a collection for the crew that would include a range of looks to choose from both day and night. In addition, the line would break cruise tradition by removing ties, waistcoats, and epaulettes stripes for officers.

In Richard Branson’s words:

“People are at the heart of all of our Virgin companies and when our people feel their best, they help make guest experiences the best they can be. We want Virgin Voyages’ crew to be the happiest at sea and making sure that they feel comfortable, confident and stylish is a big part of that experience. Gareth Pugh and the Virgin Voyages’ team have worked hand-in-hand to bring to life what will soon be the most eye-catching uniforms on the high seas.”

Removing formality – the relaxed line of Virgin Voyages’ crew uniforms

The press release from Virgin Voyages goes into detail behind the design choices of the uniform, reading: “Gareth Pugh’s design style encompasses flowing garments as a nod to sailing, complemented by sharp “V” designs to seamlessly integrate the iconic Virgin logo, helping us to bring our unique style to cruise fashion.”

U by Uniworld relaxed crew uniform

U by Uniworld is a river cruise venture aimed mostly at millennials, or those who feel ‘young at heart’. This is exhibited through relaxed itineraries, interior design and art choices, and a focus on the individual.

In line with this aim is a relaxed standpoint on attire, both in the case of the cruiser and the crew. The opposite of Cunard’s dress code for formal dining, passengers on U ships can wear whatever they want – as long as they have shoes and a shirt. The crew are slightly more restricted, but not by cruise line standards. Crew uniform consists of black jeans, a black branded t-shirt, and black Converse.

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