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Hotels at Sea: How Cruise Ships Provide World-Class Guest Experiences to Envy the World's Leading Hotels

In this feature, we delve into “hotels at sea” and explore how cruise lines are able to deliver state-of-the-art guest experience that rivals the likes of the world’s finest hotels.

Designing for Crew

With attraction and retention now the buzz words not only applied to customers but also crew, download our ‘Designing for Crew’ white paper to find out more about what the future of designing for crew looks like.

Tech & the Core Cruise Demographic

From VR to wearables, the cruise industry is investing heavily in innovative ways to keep passengers entertained and returning each year. But, with the average cruise goer in the ‘over-50’s’ category – how are cruise lines ensuring they are not alienating their largest and most established customer base? In this resource we explore who these regular cruise goers are and how technology can be used to give them a more fulfilling cruise experience.