Exhibitor Q&A with AHAVA - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Exhibitor Q&A with AHAVA

AHAVA model lying on a white block surrounded by Dead Sea water

AHAVA are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Hailing from the Dead Sea, AHAVA have been providing the world with nature-inspired skincare products since 1988. We caught up with them ahead of CSH to learn about sustainability in the cosmetics world, joining the cruise industry, and what they’re looking forward to the most about the Expo:

Tell us about AHAVA’s journey into the world of cosmetics?

The AHAVA brand is rooted in the Dead Sea environment, as it is first and foremost the home of its founders. AHAVA’s creators were inspired by the many visitors coming to the Dead Sea collecting mud and water to take back home with them. In 1988 they decided to develop their own cosmetic laboratories driven by a deep scientific passion to unearth the natural revitalizing secrets of the region. They established the first and only facility devoted to researching the natural benefits of the Dead Sea elements, water, salt, mud and plants which became the natural active ingredients in AHAVA products. ‘Science and Nature work together’ is the DNA which signifies the holistic AHAVA skincare approach.

With sustainability currently at the forefront of consumer’s minds, could you tell us what AHAVA are doing to keep your impact on the environment to a minimum?

As we work, live and manufacture at the Dead Sea we carry a strong ecological commitment to maintain and protect the integrity and delicate balance of the Dead Sea eco-system. The deep connection to the Dead Sea, which is our home, is reflected in every AHAVA decision making from environment to formulation, to skin safety.  Accordingly, our factory manufactures consciously (green chart, ISO14000) and our pioneering water return process at the AHAVA manufacturing facility reflects our eco consciousness by using local flora to filter waste and restore clean water to our desert home.

Furthermore, we are highly involved and supportive with all national campaigns concerning the protection of the Dead Sea, and initiated an educational plan for children, in order to raise awareness and commitment among future generations to protect and preserve the Dead Sea.

Are you excited to be part of the cruise industry?

Yes, we are very excited to be part of the cruise line industry. We see this as an opportunity to introduce our holistic business model which provides an overall wellness consumer experience. We will bring understandings from our operation in luxury spa hotels around the world where we offer guests an exciting ‘spa journey’ to the most unique hypersaline lake in the world – the Dead Sea.

We are also excited by the opportunity to show our brand’s unique assets, mineral expertise, and the authentic ‘natural spa-for-skin’ treatments and product collection, constantly inspired by the magnificence of the Dead Sea, and its mystic surroundings.

AHAVA model standing in a white square

What makes your product unique?

AHAVA is a mineral skincare brand, holding an expertise of over 30 years of research and development in Dead Sea minerals and their tremendous contribution to the skin. Our skincare approach is holistic and is based on the skin’s wellbeing. Every day, we demonstrate the strength of nature to contribute to the skin by combining the Dead Sea minerals, mud and desert plants with innovative technologies that enable the skin to strengthen itself from within and to better cope with all daily challenges that weaken it and age prematurely. The Dead Sea has always been linked to the health of the skin and beauty, and in today’s world when consumers are constantly seeking a trustworthy ‘reason to believe’ they are appreciative to discover a brand with a 360o DNA like AHAVA. The authentic brand story, the mineral expertise, and our in-house R&D owning more than 15 patents are key factors to the brands International success.

If you could recommend any of your products to us, which one would it be?

We will recommend the Osmoter™ products to start with. This is AHAVA’s hero DNA category which represent our Dead Sea mineral expertise along with our scientific knowhow. The Osmoter™ products focus on restoring skin’s youth in every aspect, translating the natural power of the Dead Sea minerals to elevate skin’s moisture and are clinically proven to recharge skin’s cellular functions to better hydrate, illuminate and energize the skin from within.

Finally, who are you looking to meet, and what do you hope to achieve, at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo?

Our main focus in this Expo is to meet key hotel operation managers in the industry. This will be a great opportunity to let them experience our unique products firsthand and in person. We will also be presenting our 360o model which incorporates our amazing retail options for the hospitality sector and travel retail as well as our AHAVA spa concept.

Combining our story telling abilities and knowledge of the natural treasures of our surrounding environment, as a Dead Sea native company, with our R&D Skin-Care technological advantages and registered patents, we provide a wholesome experience of a unique journey through the Dead Sea.

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