Product Feature: Collection No.W from Revol - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo

Product Feature: Collection No.W from Revol

Revol is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. The family-run business moved to making and supplying solely porcelain in the 1980’s – their experience dates back to 1768 however, when the company was founded. In this guest article, they introduce their collection No.W, a line of porcelain products made from 100% recycled clay. Read on…

Revol is going above and beyond to help conserve our planet’s resources, by recycling and taking advantage of our industrial wastewater to dramatically reduce the use of water and primary minerals in our porcelain production. Our aim – to be the first to offer the hotel, restaurant, and hospitality industries an eco-friendly solution made from ceramic clay and recycled enamels – is now reality. We’re delighted to share with you this unique invention. For Revol, in partnership with you, our customers, sustainable development is already here.

Recyclay is the result of a revolutionary, new way of treating our industrial wastewater. This new technology allows us to purify the water in order to return it to its natural state and recover the mineral matter from our clays and enamels. From this we can create a new ceramic clay with the same technical properties as other Revol ceramics. By applying for a patent, the brand is reaffirming its status as a pioneer in the world of innovative ceramics.

Never or No.W?

Now or never? The challenge has been raised for us all to join forces in creating sustainable economies, for the good of the planet. Join Revol with our new No.W eco-collection and be a part of the formidable collective impetus for change that is intensifying around the world.

Aesthetic Difference

The hands of a ceramic worker bring to life a shape created by a designer’s sensitive vision. The subtle grey tones of Recyclay enhance the effect of the contoured forms, while the enamel – itself already a product of recycling – brings out the properties of a background created at the hands of a master artisan.

Recyclay porcelain in Arctic White


This is a simple, subtle and durable hand-made range, but also one of the most robust and functional for professional chefs. The perfect tool for responsible, eco-minded cooks, it will be a firm favourite to enhance everything from sophisticated cuisine to the simplest of dishes, both in the kitchen and at the dining table.

Our pledge for 2020: to reincorporate 80 tonnes of our industrial wastewater into our production process, which means we will use 80 fewer tonnes of primary materials (kaolin, feldspath, clay, silica).

Check out the video explaining the Recyclay line below:

For the full brochure on the No.W Collection, click here.

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