Meet the Innovators - OiL Chef - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Meet the Innovators – OiL Chef

Meet the Innovators, the new Cruise Conversations video interview series, explores the ground-breaking makers, creators, and inventors of the Cruise Ship Hospitality (CSH) and Cruise Ship Interiors (CSI) communities. In these bite-size interviews CSH & CSI CEO Toby Walters talks to exhibitors about their pioneering product and why it’s a must-have for cruise lines.

The first Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo exhibitor featured on Meet the Innovators is OiL Chef, who has created an energy-saving, money-saving accessory for deep-fat fryers.

Watch Meet the Innovators – OiL Chef here…

We recently featured an interview with OiL Chef Founder and CEO Sean Farry – check that out below…

Coming up

There is more coming up over the following weeks, from exhibitors such as Hollander Sleep Products, Agua Fabrics and MJM. The products are diverse but there’s one thing they have in common: topicality. From waste reduction and sustainability to hygiene solutions, these creators reveal how they stay on-trend and ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned for more interviews to follow, covering all the latest in product design for cruise. We’ll be discussing how technology can benefit cruise interiors design. Also on the agenda, revolutionising the guest experience, outfitting and the science of soft fabrics.

The Meet the Innovators series will be released weekly and found on the Cruise Conversations YouTube channel and on LinkedIn. Subscribe and follow to stay updated. Or, check back on the blog where we’ll be running regular features.

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