Meet Niche Marine Catering Brands Face-to-Face - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Meet Niche Marine Catering Brands Face-to-Face

Marine Catering Expo will welcome worldwide renowned brands from RATIONAL and Hobart to Meiko and SeaKing, plus many more. As well as hosting some of the industry’s biggest names and multidisciplinary agencies, Marine Catering Expo is proud to showcase a range of niche, specialist brands too.

Know who to look out for on the show floor and discover six niche brands who will be in attendance from June 19-20.


Attendees might recognize Blendtec’s name from its award-winning internet series, “Will it blend?”, whereby the product’s power is showcased through the attempted blending of generally unblendable objects, such as an iPhone, XBOX 360 or even a Ford Fiesta.

On the show floor, however, Blendtec will showcase the importance of its products in a marine catering context. With models specific to the commercial market, Blendtec’s models have been designed to meet the unique needs of each client. As well as being hardwearing and powerful, Blendtec’s blenders also aim to reduce cost to the galley.

Hoshizaki Europe

Founded in Japan more than 70 years ago, Hoshizaki’s state-of-the-art equipment now serves clients on a global basis. Providing energy efficient ice machines and refrigeration equipment to the food service, health, hospitality, and marine industries, Hoshizaki also aims to educate its buyers.

On the show floor, Hoshizaki will showcase its unique ice makers, fit for all purposes, premium refrigeration equipment, and bespoke products made to preserve perfection.


Initially, Paderno (then Alluminio Paderno) specialized in the production of aluminium pots and pans for the household. Now, Paderno is a worldwide brand leading in the manufacture and sale of professional cook- and kitchenware.

Trusted by the food industry for its quality products, Paderno will showcase its premium products for the marine market on the show floor.


Unlike many other brands exhibiting on the show floor, Sola is more concerned with the guest-side of cruise dining than the galley. The Dutch brand provides timeless, chic flatware for any setting.

In a recent addition to the brand’s portfolio, Sola allows clients to customize their cutlery with PVD titanium coating. In addition, all colours are available in a mirror, satin or vintage finish, meaning guests can enjoy a truly bespoke experience.

10 Strawberry Street

Family-owned business 10 Strawberry Street creates elegant tableware, from large-format banquet- and buffet-ware to dinnerware for casual fare. 10 Strawberry Street also provides a range of serve-ware, meaning galley chefs can serve their food in style too.

With multiple ranges to suit every taste, the brand’s motto of ‘Simple. Elegant. Affordable.’ certainly rings true.


Oven experts Unox use innovative technologies to create state-of-the-art catering equipment fit for multiple purposes.

More recently, Unox has made waves with its data driven cooking, using its trademarked Mind.Maps to improve performance in the galley. Unox’s products also aim to eliminate waste, increase daily profit, and maximize return on investment.

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