How the Science of Sleep Boosts Guest Experience

How the Science of Sleep Boosts Guest Experience

Dorelan is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. They have vast experience in providing the hospitality sector with Italian crafted mattresses, bedframes, pillows and more. This guest article explains the science of good sleep and how cruise lines can adopt this to take guest experience to the next level.

Guest experience is at the forefront of the cruise ship hospitality sector. However, with a substantial focus on delectable cuisine, a seamless check-in process, stocked minibar, and exceptional customer service, the value of a good night’s sleep can easily be forgotten. However, a luxurious, healthy, and interrupted sleep is invaluable to passengers’ health and wellbeing. With it, they are better able to enjoy their cruise.

Why cruise lines should invest in rest

After 50 years of creating advanced mattresses designed for optimal sleep, Dorelan understands just how important the science of sleep is to improving guest experience. When hospitality providers invest in high quality sleeping products, their guests will reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and happier. This ultimately leads to a better guest experience.

Sleep is therefore becoming an offering within itself. Some hoteliers have even increased their rates for custom-built rooms integrated with sleep science technologies. By investing in sleep technology, cruise lines can differentiate themselves by providing a superior guest experience, enhanced by cabins built exclusively for relaxation.

The science of good sleep

The key to delivering a restful and memorable sleep experience lies within improving guest’s sensory experiences. Include these through introducing:

  • Sound: To provide a peaceful sleep with few interruptions, cabin designs can be implemented with sound dampeners. These could include thick carpets, heavy drapes, ceiling sound insulation, tighter doorway transitions, or even absorbent décor items like wall art or books.
Dorelan’s circadian rhythm smart lighting adjusts to the time of day
  • Sight: Dorelan programmed its circadian rhythm to be alert and awake in blue light (sunrise) and become calm and drowsy in warmer red colors (sunset). Consider replacing Versicolor spectrum (white) lighting in cabins with smart lighting. This adjusts color and strength based on a preset rhythm. These can also be accompanied by automatic window dimmers and motorized blackout blinds or drapes. Combined, these calibrate the body’s “circadian” clock and promote healthy sleep patterns.
  • Taste: Cruise lines can introduce taste by adding a selection of sleep-inducing teas.
  • Smell: Like taste, smell might not play a direct role, but the introduction of certain scents like lavender can also enhance quality of sleep by soothing passengers. This can be either in plant form or through aroma-emitting devices.
  • Touch: Touch makes up the biggest factors that influence sleep: the mattress itself and the fabrics of the bedsheets. The focus should be on acquiring mattresses that form the foundation for restful sleep. Dorelan incorporates technological design into its mattresses, which it specifically creates for the hospitality industry. They do not feature a higher thread count on linen as these prevent mattresses from properly venting out the sides. This can result in overheating and an overall restless sleep for passengers.

The art of sleep by Dorelan

Dorelan do more than create beds. Their fine Italian artisans produce a total sleep experience supported by science. Dorelan serves over 10,000 global clients in the hospitality industry. As a result, Dorelan’s beds, bases and pillowcases can be used to enhance any hotel or cruise ship design. Experience Italian craftsmanship and science-backed mattress designs at the upcoming Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America.

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