Give Passengers Peace of Mind with Sanitizing Options at Sea

Give Passengers Peace of Mind with Sanitizing Options at Sea

As cruise ships return to service, passengers are ready to get back out into the world again. A cruise to an exotic destination is just what everyone needs after a long year of social distancing, but travelling still has its risks. To mitigate these, cruise lines are going above and beyond: following necessary guidelines, sanitizing all onboard facilities, and overall providing a safe and healthy experience for guests. However, cruise-goers may still have some hesitation and anxiety about being in large groups again. Therefore, it is vital for cruise lines to put their passengers at ease with new health protocols and hygiene innovations.

Innovative Sanitizing Options

Guests want to feel safe throughout their entire cruise experience. This extends to the cabin they are staying in. As a result, it is important that cruise lines design cabins with hygiene in mind, providing guests with the technology and tools they need for staying safe and avoiding germs and bacteria. The UV8LED Phone Sanitizer & Wireless Charger from Utilimedic is a device that allows cruisers to sanitize their phones and other travel items within the comfort of their cabin. It can be placed on the desk or nightstand for easy access. With 8 high-power UV-C LEDs and 360-degree sanitization, the UV8LED kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just five minutes, leaving phones and other items fully sanitized.

The non-slip pad and phone stabilizers successfully keep the sanitizer and its contents secure despite ship movement. This device is easy to use and will provide comfort to those who want to keep health and safety their top priority while still enjoying their vacation!

Utilimedic is exhibiting at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo within the Health & Hygiene Zone. They are a leading brand in advanced electronics, focused on cutting-edge technology and products that provide “safety on the go.”

Meet Utilimedic and other innovative suppliers at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, the largest event in cruise ship hospitality. Find out more about this action-packed event here.

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