Get to know the Crew - Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Get to know the Crew – Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The crew are at the heart of every cruise. From the ship’s Captain to the kitchen porter, from housekeeping to entertainment, a cruise would not be a cruise without the crew. At Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, the products and services on show will almost always be used by or in some way affect the crew – so the importance of celebrating those that make up the crew is baked into the Expo from the beginning.

While cruise industry employees are mostly stuck at home, some not able to work, due to the ongoing pandemic, cruise lines have launched different initiatives to show their appreciation for their crews. One of these is Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ ‘The Heart of What We Do’. A series of videos with each chapter dedicated to a different crew member, ‘The Heart of What We Do’ provides a personal insight into the crew that makes up an RSSC cruise.

The first chapter focuses on Cruise Director John Barron. A family man based in Newcastle, John Barron describes his first job on Regent Seven Seas Navigator – watch the full video below:

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The second chapter visits Maitre D’ Jorge Caeiro at home in the north of Portugal. Jorge takes us through an olive grove, explains how he maintains his healthy lifestyle, and discusses how lucky he is to have travelled the world – watch the full video below:

As the series progresses, viewers will be treated to a look into the lives of general managers, sommeliers, and more across the Regent Seven Seas brand. Keep posted at Regent Seven Seas Cruises!

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