Four Ways Cruise Lines Can Ensure Bedding Bliss for Guests

Four Ways Cruise Lines Can Ensure Bedding Bliss for Guests

As the world reels from a devastating pandemic, different communities are experiencing different effects. However, there seems to be one main impact that is felt across borders: the deterioration in quality of sleep. With the number of Google searches for insomnia hitting an all-time high in 2020, it is clear ‘coronasomnia’ has impacted many people across the globe. This includes a fifth of people in China, a quarter of people in the UK, and 40% of the Greek population.

Given the impact of the past year on sleep health, high-end hotels and cruise ships are placing particular emphasis on providing restful, uninterrupted deep sleep.

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What this means for the hospitality industry

During 2020, as Covid-19 precautions and job retention were prioritized, sleep wasn’t a main concern for the hospitality industry. However, a 2019 J.D. Power survey revealed that only 29% of US hotel guests experienced a ‘better than expected’ night’s sleep during their stay. This means that 2021 poses great opportunities for those hotels and cruise ships looking to enhance their guest experience, and, ultimately, encourage more guests to return.

“Delivering a superior sleep experience is a huge opportunity for hotels to differentiate themselves from the pack and earn significant goodwill with guests,” says Jennifer Corwin, J.D. Power senior manager of consumer insights for travel and hospitality.

How to provide a superior sleep experience?

This opportunity then begs the question, what does a superior sleep experience involve? What do guests need? Having spent 50 years asking these same questions and providing cruise bedding including mattresses, beds, bases, and even pillowcases designed for optimal sleep, Dorelan can make a few recommendations:

Reduce background noise

Thumps, bumps and late-night conversations can get in the way of a proper night’s rest for guests. However, you can reduce noise by using thick carpets, heavy drapes, ceiling sound insulation, thicker doorways, and absorbent décor items. You can also set HVAC systems on a schedule to minimize whirring in the night. Still struggling with background noise? Consider a white noise machine as an extra touch.

Create a calming ambience

Bright blue or Versicolor spectrum (white light) stimulate the body’s circadian rhythm to be awake and alert. Introduce the option to dim lights or add more shades of warmer red colors to naturally stimulate drowsiness.

Appeal to the senses

Sleep isn’t just about the bed and bedroom. It’s an entire sensory experience that you can leverage to give guests an unforgettable night’s rest. You can offer a variety of in-room herbal teas like chamomile to encourage sleep. Additionally, you can incorporate subtle scents like lavender, sage, or bergamot.

Ensure beds that are up for the job

An average bed is not going to support the deep, relaxing sleep necessary to overcome the dreaded ‘coronasomnia.’ Look for mattresses with multiple high-tech layers that mould to the body and support spinal alignment. Then, find cruise bedding that feels luxurious, looks like art and is a delight to sleep in.

mattress with green and yellow cushions, a backpack and some books on top
Finding the right mattress is key in providing a good night’s rest

With 50 years of experience, Dorelan Italian design lets your guests sleep well and live better through a blend of art and science. Our team of scientists creates high-tech mattress layers for optimal alignment and our superior craftsmanship ensures beds, bases, and even pillowcases that enhance your hotel or cruise ship with the finest bedding. Experience Italian quality for yourself at the upcoming Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America.

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