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Food for Thought: Luxury Expeditions and Hybrid Power in Infographics

If you’re a follower of Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo on LinkedIn, you’ll have seen that every Friday we’ve been posting our series of ‘Food for Thought’ infographics. But these aren’t just pretty pictures! Each ‘Food for Thought’ infographic is related to an article in which we explore the topic in greater detail. The first two are ‘Technology Meets Guest Experience’, where we look at the tech elements of a cruise designed to improve the time spent on board, and ‘New Approaches to Single-Use Plastics’, where we investigate how cruise lines are cutting down on their plastic usage. Take a look below!

food for thought infographic - technology meets guest experience

Technology Meets Guest Experience

With the exponential growth of technology over the past ten years, it was only a matter of time before those advancements were adapted to improve guest experience – and the cruise industry is at the forefront of these advancements. Take a look at some here.

food for thought infographic - new approaches to single use plastics on cruise ships

New Approaches to Single-Use Plastics on Cruise Ships

As industries worldwide move to replace all single-use plastics with more environmentally friendly alternatives, the cruise industry is setting initiatives and bans in motion, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the sustainable movement. See what the industry’s doing here.

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