Exhibitor Q&A with Renegade Brands - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo

Exhibitor Q&A with Renegade Brands

Renegade Brands is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Renegade is bringing exciting new products to the cruise market that promise to help save space, money, and housekeeping time. Read on to find out more…

Can you tell us about how Renegade brands was started and what your background is?

We founded Renegade Brands in 2012 when we developed an innovative, proprietary cleaning formula that noticeably outperformed all other laundry detergents in the removal of odors and stains, particularly from the new technical fabrics that were increasingly becoming standard in athletic wear from companies like Nike and Under Armour. We created our first brand, Sweat X Sport, and launched nationwide into the consumer sports market with companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Fleet Feet Running stores.

With this knowledge and proven technology, we developed new products and protocols to tackle the harsh laundry conditions of the professional and collegiate sports market and quickly became the leading laundry detergent provider in the industry. Today, we are the trusted laundry detergent and service provider for hundreds of the top tier teams in [America], throughout the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NCAA.

We’ve spent the last few years developing proven, market-tested chemistry that is driving the new gold standard in the hospitality, healthcare and senior living industries nationwide. Our Renegade Pro-Clean Laundry Detergent provides a superior cleaning solution that is also more cost effective than what is currently in the market.

We are thrilled to bring our expertise, knowledge, and passion for laundry to the cruise industry.

Renegade Brands products are used widely in the American Sports industry

What products do Renegade Brands provide, and what makes them stand out from the competition?

Our Renegade Pro-Clean Laundry Detergent is an innovative cleaning solution that replaces multiple cleaning products with a single product system, eliminating the need for expensive, inefficient and complex wash cycles.

Before and after a Renegade Brands product install

We also offer an exceptional color safe bleach, a stain spot treatment spray and a full line of disinfecting products to help tackle the unique challenges found today.

At Renegade Brands, we pride ourselves on being “Scientifically Clean”. What makes our products different at Renegade Brands is not only our commitment to Science but to the Scientific Method. This is not just a talking point; it is the guide to product development and on-going product improvement. We as a company are devoted to testing and data to ensure that our products operate as efficiently as possible.

What makes these products perfect for the cruise industry?

To start, our Renegade Pro-Clean Laundry Detergent provides a superior cleaning technology. Simply put, the products work! Your towels, sheets and linens will get cleaner without the typical fabric degradation associated with using multiple harsh chemicals. The Renegade Pro-Clean Detergent is truly pH neutral and causes no harm or degradation to natural materials and synthetics. It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our single product system is more effective, cuts down on storage, requires less maintenance and allows for wash loads to be shorter and more efficient which cuts down on energy and labor costs.

The Renegade Brands Pro Clean family

One of the biggest challenges the cruise industry is facing is that of maintaining a sustainable industry. How can Renegade Brands help with this challenge?

The Renegade Pro-Clean Detergent is truly pH neutral and causes no harm or degradation to natural materials and synthetics. It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Cruise lines are looking to save money on their outgoings now more than ever. How can Renegade Brands help the cruise lines reduce their running costs?

We offer cost savings across the board. As a simplified wash system, our more efficient single product system eliminates the need for multiple pumps and the daily tracking of 4-5 different chemicals. Due to shorter wash cycles, water and electricity usage are diminished. Lost linens and reclaims are greatly reduced as well due to the superior efficacy of the cleaning system.

 Meet Renegade Brands on booth 203 at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, 28 – 29 October 2021, Miami Beach Convention Center!

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