Exhibitor Q&A with EarthSafe - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Exhibitor Q&A with EarthSafe

EarthSafe is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. We sat down with EarthSafe to talk about their products, customer confidence, and sustainability in cleaning – find out more below…

Can you give us an overview of EarthSafe and the products you provide?

EarthSafe is a foremost provider of disinfection solutions and the developers of EvaClean, a world class solution for safer, more sustainable infection prevention that is trusted by leading healthcare institutions and hospitality companies the world over. 

EarthSafe was one of the first to pioneer the use of safer chemistries and advanced electrostatic sprayer technologies. The EvaClean product portfolio forms a complete, infection prevention solution, with Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers, PURTABS and PUR:ONE sanitizers/disinfectants, and EvaClean Environmental Surface Wipes.

EvaClean also designs customized protocols and certified training programs to streamline workflows, improve cleaning processes and ensure the highest levels of success. 

Why do the cruise lines need to be using your products?

In the wake of Covid-19, there is one primary consideration all passengers share—They must have complete confidence that ships have implemented the highest level cleaning protocols for eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria. EvaClean provides one simple solution that has the power to proactively prevent outbreaks and make the difference between cruising with confidence or not cruising at all.

EvaClean also helps re-instill guest confidence with a Co-branding Communication Toolkit complete with QR codes, decals, posters, door hangers and everything cruise operators need to let passengers know the extraordinary steps they have taken to keep them safe when they sail.

Which of your products would you recommend most highly for use in the cruise industry?

PURTABS Sanitizer and Disinfectant coupled with Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers provides a complete solution for all cruise ship cleaning needs.

Available in a unique tablet concentrate, PURTABS offers convenient dilution to a broad spectrum of strengths, from food contact surface sanitizer for dining areas to sporicidal disinfectant, powerful enough to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Norovirus and other contagious diseases, yet safe enough for no rinse sanitizing that will not harm surfaces or equipment.

Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers are a transformative technology that enhances cleaning processes like never before. Whether using the cordless handheld sprayer or the backpack sprayer, Protexus dramatically increases efficiency and efficacy by covering 3-times more surface area, 10-times faster, with less labor.

restaurant on board a cruise ship ready for dinner
The return to cruising safely requires customer confidence in high-level cleaning protocols

Maintaining sustainable operations is one of the key challenges facing the cruise industry. How can EarthSafe help cruise lines reach their sustainability goals?

The EvaClean system delivers long-term sustainability in a multitude of ways. Compared to liquid solutions, PURTABS concentrate tablets reduce shipping and storage costs up to 90%, as well as having a longer shelf life of 3 years. Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers apply chemicals in a more uniform and controlled manner, thus eliminating overuse and lowering chemical consumption by as much as 68% per square foot.

PURTABS are composed of Sodium-dichloro-isocyanurate (NaDCC), which releases hypochlorous acid (HOCl) when dissolved in normal tap water, a formulation that is stable, eco-friendly, and presents no chemical exposure hazards. NSF D2 certified for drinking water treatment or surface disinfectant, PURTABS is 100% biodegradable and safer for both people and the planet.

How can EarthSafe help keep cruisers safe from common viruses on board?

EarthSafe originated in the marine sector, working with the U.S. Navy to neutralize Norovirus on ships and submarines without using harsh chemicals. Today, the EvaClean solution is a key component to illness prevention for top-tier companies like Windstar Cruises, who leverages PURTABS and Protexus to enhance sanitizing procedures in guest cabins, crew cabins and public areas.

EvaClean’s chemistry has the highest efficacy credentials available. In addition to being OSHA bloodborne pathogen rated, PURTABS is on the EPA’s List N with a top level Emerging Viral Pathogen claim against super bugs like Norovirus, C. diff, C. auris, MRSA, and more. Moreover, PURTABS was proven to sustain residual efficacy up to 24 hours after application, resulting in longer lasting surface protection. Though this NaDCC disinfectant is considerably more powerful than bleach or QUATS, it is also significantly safer for everyone.

Visit EarthSafe on booth 337 at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Find out more about this action-packed event here.

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