Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo 2021 Exhibitor Q&A with Dorelan

Cruise Ship Hospitality Exhibitor Q&A with Dorelan

Dorelan – B&T S.p.A are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. We caught up Dorelan to find out what makes them tick, the importance of Italian manufacturing, and their experience in the Cruise industry – read on below…

Could you tell us a little bit about Dorelan’s history?

Two years ago was our company’s 50th anniversary, and that marked an important milestone for us. It was a milestone that we wanted to celebrate in some manner, highlighting all the values that distinguished this lengthy period of commitments, sacrifices and great achievements. Our company was founded exactly 52 years ago by my father and his partner, Pietropaolo Bergamaschi. It’s a story that hasn’t yet reached its conclusion, and will continue to be written based on the value of all these years spent together as partners, and with all the people who have helped us to achieve our success, especially now that we’re undergoing such tremendous changes due to this terrible epidemic.

With regard to our future prospects, despite the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, we’re focusing our efforts on launching innovative products and initiatives aimed at supporting the development of both the domestic and international markets. We believe that our all-Italian products, which are made entirely at our factory in Forlì, have achieved such levels of quality, efficiency, style and durability that we don’t have any competitors to fear. And if we combine these aspects with the fact that they’re Made in Italy, well then, we’ve got all the ingredients it takes to be successful. And speaking of the future, our goal is to increase our exports and consolidate our leadership in Italy.

This isn’t your first foray into the cruise ship sector: could you tell us about the cruise lines that you supply?

Even when you’re on holiday, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep! This has always been the “mantra” that Dorelan uses to convince its customers; offering guests total relaxation and a perfect night’s sleep will surely make their holiday unforgettable.

Over 15 years ago we managed to draw the attention of some of the world’s most popular cruise lines with this concept, including Costa Cruises and MSC, who still choose Dorelan’s products for their customers to this day. 

Comfort at night and quality rest are advantages travellers look for when on holiday. Dorelan ensures you get quality shut-eye while on your cruise, as though you were at home.

Dorelan is honoured to be a partner of various international Cruise Lines, supplying over 26 cruise ships for a total of 45,400 cabins, and providing guests with an unforgettable sleep experience, every single night of their vacation.

Costa, MSC, Silversea, Thomson and Ponant have chosen Dorelan as their travel companion, in order to offer their passengers an extraordinary sleep and wellness experience.

I’d also like to remind you that all of our products are IMO certified, and are made with selected raw materials, often produced directly by the company itself.  

The goal for the future is to increase awareness of our company among the Players on the market, and to acquire more major Cruise Lines as customers.

How can your products improve the health of the people who use them?

Healthy sleep improves quality of life: all of our projects have been based upon this single guiding principle for over for fifty years. 

Our brand is synonymous with care and attention for a restful sleep experience.

Every Dorelan mattress, bed, mattress support and pillow is derived from thorough studies on the body’s ergonomic needs, conducted in collaboration with highly specialized professionals from some of Italy’s best University research Institutes, and is made with top quality raw materials. 

Our daily mission has always been to ensure the continuous improvement of the sleep quality, ergonomics and relaxation offered by our products, in order to provide our Customers’ Guests with an unrivalled experience in terms of comfort and personal wellness.

How do your products facilitate the cleaning of cruise ships?

Throughout the course of our history, we have developed and applied various technological solutions, like our “Fiberbugs” fabric with Geraniol essential oil, which inhibits the nesting and proliferation of bed bugs.

Or the perimeter band on the Dorelan mattress, which is padded and has ergonomic handles to facilitate transport, and features the innovative and exclusive Respiro system, with micro-perforations on every side of the lining at regular intervals. This system was specially developed by our research and development laboratories in order to render the mattress perfectly breathable.

There are numerous other examples that I could cite, but I wouldn’t want to bore you…

What makes your products stand out from the competition?

Throughout the years the company has always remained in the hands of the same owners: two generations of fathers and sons, working together to face new challenges, while at the same time upholding the traditions of the past. The other key element has been the decision to make use of 100% Italian materials and production processes, because the Italian manufacturing industry remains one of the world’s best, offering top quality products, where attention to detail goes hand in hand with desire to create beautiful things.

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo is the only event focusing solely on Hospitality in the Cruise industry. Register to attend Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, 28 – 29 October 2021, Miami Beach Convention Center! Meet Dorelan on booth 601.

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