Exhibitor Q&A with Creatif Linen - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Exhibitor Q&A with Creatif Linen

Creatif Linen are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. We caught up with them to have a chat about the company, what makes their products luxe, and how they can benefit the cruise lines.

Thank you for talking to us today! Could you tell us a bit about Creatif Linen and how it came about?

As an Interior Designer, I was finding it very challenging to source bedding for my clients. Bedding can be sourced from just about anywhere and isn’t so much of a commodity anymore, so I sought an opportunity one day at a Trade Show in NYC. I connected with an Italian manufacturer who gave me the reins to create something that no one can find elsewhere. I ventured to Florence, Italy to meet with my manufacturer to see one of their facilities and that is how Creatif Linen was created. Exclusivity is very important to the brand and that is why there isn’t an online presence. The designs are all created by myself, thus each design has a meaning and intent behind them. Every design is part of a collection, which each have a meaning behind them as well. Thus making every collection it’s unique entity. As we grow this will be the roadmap.

So Creatif Linen is a branch of your main company, Feroz Creatif – could you tell us about your experience designing for hospitality with Feroz Creatif?

Hospitality is a special entity on it’s own, just due to the fact that people either save money to indulge in it or it’s something that is their habit. Either way as a designer, hospitality is on the grander scheme of everything and that is why it’s attractive to delve into that industry. Hospitality is like living in a fantasy, you leave your dailies behind and take full advantage of the luxe lifestyle. So, as a design company hospitality is the next level! 

What makes your bed linens fall into the category of luxury?

When I decided to create Creatif Linen, I didn’t want to produce something that was short of extraordinary. I wanted these linens to represent me as a person and as a designer. I appreciate how fabric is milled, the craftsmanship behind it and the quality of the materials. Therefore, creating a linen line from none other than one of the most reputable fabric milling countries in the world, Italy was no doubt the place that these were going to be manufactured. The craftsmanship alone in these linens is what makes them so luxe. They are finely milled with the longest threads which creates the buttery soft touch. All threading comes from Italy, so this is truly an Italian made product. Paying attention to the details is what makes this a luxury bed linen line. Just like any piece of garment, it’s all about how it’s made and how the material is created that makes the piece a luxury item. 

What can your bed linens bring to the cruise lines?

Sleep has always been an issue for me because it is the most vulnerable action we take on a daily basis. I wanted to create the serenity that I needed when I went to sleep every night. Creating that calm, serene, peaceful, soft and luxe feel is precisely why these should be a part of the cruise lines. Having a great sleep experience is actually an underrated thought process, we hear guests speak on the food, amenities etc. but why aren’t they speaking about their sleep experience? I want to change that. Cruise lines create that escape experience, so why not carry that through to every level that we endure while being on that cruise ship. There is nothing worse than having a fabulous night of food, drinks and entertainment then coming back to your room climbing into bed with terrible linens! 

Of course! Thanks for speaking with us today. Finally, who are you looking to meet, and what do you hope to achieve, at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo?

I am extremely excited and humbled to be a part of the Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo 2021! This is a great opportunity for people to discover my brand and see the product first hand. I am really looking forward to meeting other innovative companies that are taking hospitality to the next level!

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