Exhibitor Q&A with CleanBrands - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Exhibitor Q&A with CleanBrands

CleanBrands is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. We caught up with CleanBrands to discuss hygiene challenges on board, the business of a good nights sleep, and sleeping easy post-pandemic.

Hi Linda, thanks for talking to us today. What do you see as being the main challenges for cruise ships regarding in-cabin hygiene?

The cruise ship environment, passengers in closed and confined quarters, consistent contact between passengers, passengers from around the world, can easily facilitate disease spread. As part of the cleaning protocol more focus should be dedicated to the cleaning of cabins. In order to control outbreaks and create a hygienic sleeping environment bedding encasements should be utilized. CleanBrands bedding encasements are technically advanced and provide the highest level of protection against viruses and bacteria while providing a cool, quiet and comfortable sleep.  Housekeeping can easily and quickly execute the optimal level of cleanliness and  inspection when mattresses are covered with our encasements.

How can CleanBrands’ products solve these problems?

CleanBrands encasements are easy to install and are CDC certified,  anti-viral  bedding protection products. Our encasements keep the sleeper safe from allergens, bacteria and viruses.  No one wants to sleep on a used mattress.  Our encasements are easily washable after every guest  and provide a clean good nights sleep.  Encasements protect against bed bugs as well.

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How can your products help cruise customers get a better night’s sleep, and why should the cruise lines care about this?

Cruise lines are in the business of providing a good nights sleep.  Encasements are proven to keep allergens and viruses out of the mattresses.  Guests sleep better and wake up more energized to enjoy their daily activities. Guests are using bedding protection products at home, they take a close look at the mattress and appreciate bedding protection while traveling.

In what ways do the features of CleanBrands’ products aid cruise housekeeping crews?

Encasements provide safety to the guests while making housekeeping duties easier and more efficient. No need for housekeeping to spend extra time looking through the nooks and crannies of a mattress for soilage or bed bugs.  Encasements are optic white and any “yuk” factor is clearly visible.

In the wake of the pandemic, how have you ensured your products are protective against COVID-19?

CleanBrands encasements have the highest level of CDC certification – anti viral.  Our pillow encasements are anti bacterial – vital since guests will have their nose/mouth on pillows.

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