Exhibitor Q&A with Air Esscentials - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America

Exhibitor Q&A with Air Esscentials

Air Esscentials are a Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo exhibitor. We caught up with Air Esscentials President Spence Levy to discuss how cruise lines can utilise their products on board to improve passenger retention, how they’ve adapted to the pandemic, and how they can help the cruise lines do so. Read on to find out more…

Could you give us an overview of your products and services?

Air Esscentials is a scent marketing and branding company which curates unique fragrances for luxury businesses and residential properties worldwide. We specialize in creating the proper fragrance to enhance an environment and manufacture products which can be used for the marketing and sales of a chosen fragrance or signature scent.

The second part of our company deals with disinfecting and supplying sanitizing kits. Since we wanted everyone to have the power of disinfecting, we invented Virus First Aid Kits, in which we provide the tools people need to help in the fight against coronavirus, bacteria, allergens, malodors, legionella, mold and mildew. We sell these disinfecting kits to doctor’s offices, schools, fire departments, senor living care centers, hotels and more.

In what ways can cruise lines utilize the sense of smell on board?

Cruise lines can use the power of scent in numerous ways. The most common is to remove malodours and replace them with a pleasant scent. For example, fragrance can be diffused in casinos to create a fresh ambience for guests – encouraging them to stay longer and play more. Scent can also be utilized when guests are first boarding a cruise ship. First impressions are everything, so it is important to welcome guests with the perfect aroma. The proper fragrance in gyms can also attract people and enhance a person’s workout.

How can cruise lines use scent to strengthen their brand and improve customer retention?

For years hotels have been using scents to strengthen their brand as the power of smell is directly linked to our emotions. Cruise lines can tap into this amazing power with a consistent aroma message. They can incorporate it in direct mail marketing, gifts for people to bring to their homes, and so much more.

How has Air Esscentials navigated the pandemic, and how can you help cruise lines do so?

The Air Esscentials team wanted to fight the pandemic. It is not in our nature to stand by and do nothing, so we quickly came out with our Virus First Aid Kits which became a huge success. We are now introducing other new technologies to keep people safe. We are very excited about our latest product launch, a sanitizing stick which disinfects any space and lasts for 30 days. The cruise lines can benefit from all of these new technologies and become safer than they have ever been.

And finally, a fun one – what is your favourite scent and why?

This is a hard question as I cannot pick just one! We have so many amazing fragrances. In the morning, I like Verbena. At midday, I like Fresh Blue. In the afternoon, Chocolate Brownie.

Meet Air Esscentials at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Find out more about this action-packed event here.

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