Dress a Table with Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Exhibitors

Dress a Table with Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Exhibitors

Dressing a table is a great way to enhance the desired atmosphere of a dining setting. Whether you’re laying the tables for the celebratory first day of the cruise, a subdued couples evening, or a smart formal night, the way the tables are dressed communicates in no small part the mood of a venue.

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo features exhibitors with products and services covering everything you would lay a table with – so we’ve created a collage with some of our exhibitors’ products, displaying a potential combination of products you could use to dress a table.

For this dining occasion, we’ve gone with understated-cool-blues-and-greys meets the excitement of exploration – think an evening on one of the many new luxury expedition ships waiting to enter the market. To find out more about the products featured in this ‘Dress a Table’, follow the numbers – the numbers link to the product and company descriptions below.

dress a table collage

Featured Exhibitor Products

1. Table Decor International

From the natural aesthetic Lodge Collection, Table Decor presents a centrepiece for your table made using accurate molding and carving techniques and exceptional casting craftsmanship.

Table Decor International makes speciality table lighting for the restaurant, cruise ship, hotel, and events industries. Their products are designed to use a rechargeable battery candle for the light source, offering the Luminara battery candle system which gives a realistic flickering light source, as well as other non-flickering systems. Table Decor manufacture the lamps with a number of custom elements designed to suit the pre-existing décor. They also supply complimenting tabletop accessory items such as vases, wine buckets and stands, metal service plates, bread baskets, sugar packet holders, and salt and pepper grinders. Visit their website for a full range of their items.

2. WMF Group

WMF Group bring a simple elegance to the table with their immaculately designed cutlery. For more than 160 years, WMF has been dedicated to achieving the perfect balance of design, functionality, and quality. With products that are designed in a way that provides excellent quality and perfect functionality to make every culinary experience a joy. WMF Professional is one of the leading providers of professional equipment for hotels and the careering industry. The extensive product range includes cutlery ad glassware, serving and buffet equipment, and table decorations. WMF say: “The key strength of this long-established business unit professional hotel equipment is its innovative, painstakingly crafted and stylish all-in-one solutions covering every aspect of food and drink, from preparation to serving.” Visit their website for more details.


With a huge range of glassware, RIST has whatever you need for any dining style. RIST offers a full range of services and products, beginning with the conception, planning, and building of a commercial kitchen as well as its equipment, ranging from porcelain to glasses and cutlery, from complete buffet equipment, transports carts, cooking utensils, special knives, and serving articles up to patisserie and confectionery equipment. Visit their website for more info.


Featured here is the No.W collection, a range of attractive porcelain with a no-waste label. Find out more about the No.W collection in our product feature. REVOL is a French family-run owned company providing a unique expertise of 250 years in manufacturing porcelain distributed in 80 countries. Providing cook-and-serve high-grade porcelain, REVOL offers a wide range of culinary, buffet ware, and plateware suitable for daily operations and meeting performance requirements. Visit their website here.

5. HIELO Wine Coolers

HIELO Wine Coolers provide a luxury, high-design experience for keeping wine cool. Able to keep a bottle cool with only five ice cubes, HIELO provide an energy-and-money saving service for the cruise lines, couple with a colour range to suit any occasion. Read about how HIELO balances beauty and functionality in our article, or read up on the company in our Exhibitor Q&A. Visit their website here.

Want to see your products on the dining tables of the cruise industry’s finest culinary establishments? Make sure you’re exhibiting at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo!

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