Dream Cruises' New 'Taste the Dream' Culinary Experience

Dream Cruises’ New ‘Taste the Dream’ Culinary Experience

Dream Cruises, owned by Genting and known for providing luxury experiences for the Asian market, recently released their new signature culinary program, ‘Taste the Dream’. Aiming to redefine haute cuisine at sea, Dream Cruises’ Executive Chef Reinhard Mammes will curate an experience that celebrates European cuisine, combining the tastes and aromas of Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Central France, and England.

The program will make its debut onboard Explorer Dream this year. Aware that the pandemic is preventing long-distance travel across the world, Dream Cruises promises a globe-trotting culinary experience, with ‘Taste the Dream’ taking the tastebuds on a journey through European gastornimic hotspots. To back this up, Genting Cruise Lines President Mr. Kent Zhu said:

“Avid travelers would agree that the gastronomic experience is integral to any journey, as scents and tastes can bring back wonderful memories from a memorable trip. ‘Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea’ will offer travellers the unique opportunity for those who wish to satisfy their wanderlust with a European culinary journey, while they are enjoying an island-hopping cruise on Explorer Dream.”

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The menu will feature starters such as ballotine of Norwegian salmon with chilled tomato and basil mousse and crab salad, or green pea velouté, crisp Iberico ham and a cheddar scone, as well as mains such as chateaubriand pink roasted black angus beef with shallot burgundy jus and potato risotto, and desserts such as marinated fruits in raspberry zabaglione with homemade bourbon vanilla ice-cream.

Chef Reinhard Mammes, architect of the ‘Taste the Dream’ menu, has over 30 years’ professional experience both on land and at sea. With a prolific understanding of Asian cuisines following a long tenure in Asia, Mammes has used his expertise to curate a European culinary experience that caters to the palate of the Asian market.

The ‘Taste the Dream’ menu is complimentary on Explorer Dream from 8th – 20th January for guests of The Palace. The Palace is a unique ship-within-a-ship concept pioneered by Dream Cruises, in which guests of the 42 spacious suites and two Palace Villas have access to all-inclusive privileges such as private jacuzzis, a 24-hour butler service, and exclusive access to the private restaurant.

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