Designing for Hospitality - Balancing Functionality and Beauty

Designing for Hospitality – Balancing Functionality and Beauty

Designing for hospitality brings a whole new set of design challenges to the table. Hospitality products are designed to be used and handled on a daily basis, so need to withstand constant use and remain aesthetically pleasing throughout. From cutlery to air purification systems to bed linens, hospitality design is wide-ranging, covering almost every customer-facing aspect of a cruise ship. As such, products designed for hospitality are required to balance the functionality and longevity demanded by cruise operations, with the aesthetic quality expected by customers.

A number of Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo exhibitors strike this balance perfectly, producing products that are at once beautiful and perfectly functional. One of these exhibitors is Hielo, a producer of wine coolers for the hospitality market. Hielo believe that the pleasure of dining comes from the little things; if one of these things is out of line, the whole experience can be thrown off. Consequently, Hielo endeavour to create the perfect wine cooler.

Functional design from Hielo

What makes their coolers, the Hielo and the Eclipse, stand out is that they are designed to work, says Founder at Hielo, David Johnson:

“For us, this means keeping the wine cool and the bottle dry, with no messy drips or peeling labels whilst conserving ice and the use of linen. This happens because the ice is separated from the wine bottle. The ice is placed in the crescent of the Eclipse and the coldness transfers throughout the cooler. With the Hielo, the five ice cubes are placed in the base with the bottle sitting on three uprights.”

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The Hielo wine cooler


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The Eclipse wine cooler

These design choices mean the cooler can keep the wine cold for up to two hours – and with the Hielo, using only five ice cubes. But in addition, the products are designed with aesthetics in mind. Coming in six different colourways, from champagne gold to piano black, the Eclipse brings to mind the high-flying aesthetic of the turbine engine, with a smooth curved exterior and a notched interior bed. The Hielo is a softer design, coming in three colours: light gold, gun metal grey, and black, and featuring a sleek anodised finish. For clear brand messaging, this exterior can also be laser engraved. Hielo were kind enough to send the Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo team an engraved wine cooler, which saw plenty of use on Fridays before the office closure!

Both products are perfectly suited to luxury afternoons in outdoor cruise ship bars, and strike the balance between functionality and design with aplomb.

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