Conference 2019 - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America


At its inaugural event, Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America (formerly Marine Catering Expo), brought together industry thought leaders from the F&B and hospitality sector to provide the audience with valuable insights covering an array of pressing topics, from delivering excellent guest experience to providing sustainable solutions to increasingly conscious consumers.

This year’s conference will yet again unite key players from world-leading cruise lines and marine brands in a series of panel sessions and discussions. Cruise Conversations Live provides the opportunity to have your questions answered live on the show floor, as each session will be followed by a brief Q&A.

We will be announcing the 2021 Conference Program in the summer of 2021. In the meantime why not have a look back at some of the fantastic session that took place in 2019?

The 2019 Marine Catering Forum featured 6 in-depth conference sessions held over 2 days:

  • Designing Marine Catering with Guest Experience in Mind
  • Produce & Menus
  • Designing the Perfect Galley
  • Legislation, Regulations & the Health Aspect of Public Spaces
  • Sustainability at Sea – Part I & II

View past show guide and speaker information here. 

Click the links below to gain access to some of the speakers presentations:

Sustainability at Sea – Part I 

Sustainability at Sea – Part II (Erik)

Sustainability at Sea – Part II (Nicole)


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