Come back with confidence with SIEMENS - Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo

Come back with confidence with SIEMENS

SIEMENS are well known across the world for providing a wide range of cross-industry products and solutions. For the cruise industry, the company provides a customisable full-lifecycle service, supporting life-long operational challenges across the fleet.

At Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, SIEMENS will be showcasing their virus mitigation technology alongside other portfolio services related to Health & Hygiene.

Take a look at the cruise industry services offered by SIEMENS in the infographic below:

SIEMENS offers services covering the full range of COVID-19 preventative measures, from air quality control, to social distancing enablement, to guest screening. Using a non-ozone producing ionization technology which can be retrofitted to the ship’s HVAC system, the service can reduce both airborne and surface pathogens, whilst improving air quality with HVAC control strategies. The HVAC system can also be used strategically to create isolation rooms if needed, creating an extra layer of protection from potential carriers.

Tracking and tracing is also under control with these services, with temperature screening upon embarkation, a targeted sanitation and disinfection strategy, contact tracing for guests while on board, and controlled disembarking.

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