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Coffee with Crane: Featuring Andreas Schwertfeger

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Exhibitor Crane Worldwide Logistics has been sharing key insights from experts through a series of podcasts, Coffee with Crane. In this series, Crane Worldwide Logistics has already explored a variety of issues facing the cruise sector. These include improving supply chains with transportation management, as well as adapting during the era of social distancing. In a previous episode, Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Advisory Board member and Crane’s Vice President of Cruise, Maxine Krajniak, spoke about ‘Economic Impact of COVID-19 in the Cruise Industry’.

This week, Andreas Schwertfeger, Director of EMEA Cruise, Marine & Hospitality, shared his expertise in marine logistics. He also discussed his predictions for the future of the cruise industry.

In this episode, Andreas explores the many ways Crane Worldwide Logistics can assist the maritime industry. This involves arranging urgent spare parts and charter flights, as well as sending personnel on site to coordinate incoming flows of goods. Thanks to their many warehouses, Crane Worldwide Logistics have good capabilities in a wide range of areas. Andreas shares how this allows them to go the extra mile for their clients and overcome the challenges of logistics. He also makes an exciting announcement about the location of their latest warehouse.

Listen to ‘Supply Chain Resilience within the Cruise, Marine & Hospitality Industries’ below. You can also find Coffee with Crane on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Vimeo.

“Vessels are characterised as moving targets, so customers demand responsiveness, proactiveness, a keen sense of urgency, and on time delivery is the key metric here.”


Crane Worldwide Logistics will be exhibiting at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo. Learn more about Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America here.

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