American Spa awards Mansfield International 'Favourite Spa Robe Supplier'

American Spa awards Mansfield International ‘Favourite Spa Robe Supplier’

American Spa magazine award

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo founding partners Mansfield International have recently been awarded by The American Spa Magazine ‘Favorite Spa Robe Supplier’ as voted by over 10,000 professionals in the spa industry.  Beating out four other finalists, the company took the top prize in the category in the magazine’s 2019 Professional’s Choice Awards.

“It is our high-level attention to detail that makes our robes stand out from the competition. With our goal of enhancing the guest experience, we focus on creating a superior unisex fit and bringing new innovative fabrics to market.” – Chris Moufrage, Mansfield International

Model wearing Mansfield robes

Providing custom embroidery services as well as a broad range of robes, linens, blankets, and slippers, Mansfield have responded to their customers’ challenges pertaining to laundering, desire for eco efficiencies and durability – providing solutions from compostable slippers, to robes that dry in 13 minutes.

“We have learnt over the years, that even if the buyers love the look of a robe, it is still the laundering team that has to deal with them. For this reason, we have built robes that are both beautiful to the eye and yet still accommodating to the laundering team.”

Want to see what Mansfield International has to offer?? Visit them on Booth 1305 at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, 16 – 17 June 2020.

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