A Day in the Life of a Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo VIP

A Day in the Life of a Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo VIP

There’s nothing quite like being a VIP at an event – preferential treatment, VIP-only lounge, and – best of all – free drinks and snacks. So what does a VIP get up to in a day at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo (CSH)? Below we’ve set out a potential itinerary for Mrs. C. Farer, Executive at a top cruise line, to give you an idea of how a VIP would fill their day at CSH.

A Day in the Life of Mrs C. Farer, VIP at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo


In the lobby of the CSH HQ Hotel I grab a coffee with some new friends I made the night before at the CSH official reunion party. Popping over to the Miami Beach Convention Center, we head towards the VIP Lounge after getting our VIP Passes for the show. There we’re provided with a complimentary breakfast. This is followed by a presentation from a porcelain company I’ve been hearing a lot of murmurs about. I make a mental note to check out their stand later on in the day!

The Official Opening party at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe 2019

By this point, the doors to the show have opened and the exhibitors have taken their places at the booths. As visitors start filing in, I take a wander around the show hall. I make sure to check out some of the innovative products from the best hospitality suppliers. Some suppliers have product demos taking place. I make sure to stop by these stands to take in what they have to offer. I’m wowed by everything from sleep hygiene products to table linens!

I’ve reached the Cruise Conversations conference hall and a session is just starting. So, I pop in and sit down to catch the discussion. The panel of industry experts is discussing how restaurants will operate in the future. I have a few opinions on this so make sure to ask a couple of questions in the Q&A session at the end.

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The conference session has taken us up to the start of lunch, so I head over to the European Networking Pavilion or VIP Networking Lounge dining area and grab some complimentary Cuban-inspired cuisine. I sit down at a table with a few of my colleagues: a supplier of hygienic hospitality products, a food and beverage supplier, and a galley tech provider. As expected, cuisine-based conversation ensues over lunch. We also discuss some of the points made in the conference session earlier in the day.


Once the lunch hour is over, I head to a prearranged meeting, organised through the Exhibition Appointment planner. This was recommended to me based on my requirements for a project due to start next month. I invite them to the VIP Lounge as my guest. Here, we can have an in-depth discussion over a coffee and pastry, kindly provided by the show organisers.

After my meeting I spend the next couple of hours walking the show floor, having stimulating conversations with exhibitors, and catching conference sessions. I spot an old friend, an Executive Chef from a major cruise line, and we make plans to meet up at the Happy Hour later in the day.

I realise that my laptop battery is running low – I’ve been using it throughout the day to check emails and take notes – so I pop back to the VIP Lounge quickly to use one of the charging ports. While I’m there I have a quick chat with some other VIP’s who are there for the same reason. While we’re chatting, an announcement over the tannoy tells us that the Happy Hour is about to start. For this, I meet up with my Chef friend. We have a couple of complimentary beers, and also meet some of the CSH Team.

The Happy Hour – the perfect end to a great show day

Once the Happy Hour is over, we head back to the HQ hotel for a quick freshen up. Once refreshed, we get out into Miami for dinner with colleagues – some of whom have travelled over from Europe for the show! Between delicious courses, we chat about the new discoveries made during the day, and which booths we want to head back to tomorrow to discuss future projects with.

What a day!

And that’s a wrap! In one day at Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo, Mrs C. Farer reconnected with old friends, got inspired by exhibitors and conference sessions, and made new connections, all while being able to grab a free coffee and a croissant in the exclusive VIP Lounge. Do you qualify as a VIP? Fill in the form and our Audience Engagement Executive will be in touch!

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