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4 beers you can only drink at sea

2016 Escape “The District” beer

The options for eating and drinking aboard a cruise ship are undergoing something of a revolution. In part driven by a booming cruise industry full of cruise lines striving to better their offerings and outdo their competitors and in part in reaction to recent years’ cultural demand for diverse eateries and drinkeries. The landscape for beer has dramatically shifted due to this demand: what started as a craft beer trend has radically altered the offerings available in bars, pubs and clubs. Customers now have an expectation that almost any bar will offer either a wide selection of beer or craft options. Cruise lines are rising to the occasion, with some offering beers that are brewed exclusively for them and even some that are brewed aboard the ship! Read on to discover the beers you can only drink at sea…

“The District” Pale Ale, Norwegian Cruise Line

“The District” is a pale ale brewed by Wynwood Brewing Company, based in Miami. The brewing company supplies Norwegian Cruise Line with a range of favourites as well as the exclusive-to-Escape “The District”. The District Brew House, the bar aboard Escape, is designed to appeal to the beer lovers among its passengers, containing a keg room, 24 beers on tap and large fridges stocked with more than 50 bottled beers.

Unamed, Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages have slowly been releasing information about their upcoming vessel Scarlet Lady. They’ve made it clear that their aim is to shake up the cruise market and provide for a younger cruise market so it’s no surprise that they are including craft beer in their offerings. Virgin have described the craft IPA as malty and hoppy with hints of grapes and fruit. They’re leaving the naming of the beverage up to their future passengers, leaving it unnamed for now. The IPA will available to purchase in growlers.

Thirsty Frog Port Hoppin’ IPA, Carnival Cruise

Carnival Vista was the first cruise ship to contain its own brewery, launching the Red Frog Pub & Brewery in 2016.  Carnival Horizon and Brewed on board. Other Thirsty Frog beers include Java Stout and Caribbean Wheat. Vista’s brewmaster Colin Presby has estimated that the Vista brewhouse produces around 18 gallons of beer a week. Guests can tour the beermaking facilities, although the beer they see being prepared will be served on later cruises. The beers brewed aboard Horizon and Vista are available for growler service.

Parched Pig West Coast IPA , Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise have earned themselves two slots on the list when they expanded their Thirsty Frog and Parched Pig brands to include cans and kegs. In response to enduring popularity of craft beer and the customer demand for cruise lines to expand and modernise their approach to serving alcohol, Carnival have opted to include three of their popular in-house brews in the scheme. As of 2019 Thirsty Frog Caribbean Wheat, Parched Pig West Coast IPA and Toasted Amber Ale are available in their new formats fleet-wide.

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